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Negative Density [D3NSE]

Post by ISK Lord » Sat May 27, 2017 4:53 pm

Welcome to Negative Density corporation!

We're a C5 wormhole PvP corp with a long history in w-space. D3NSE have been in wormholes for seven years and counting. Older wormholers may remember Elysian Empire alliance our old baby, and we've had great success as members of Disavowed and No Response.

Our players are English speaking and come from all over the world. We thrive on PvP, and fly an ever evolving set of doctrines. One day you could be in an armor brawling fleet and the next in a shield kiting fleet. We make plenty of ISK, and fly some of the shiniest ships in game as standard, such as: Dreads, FAX's, Carriers, T3s, Faction Battleships, Command Ships, you name it.

Negative Density are recruiting new players. You don't have to have wormhole or PvP experience, you just need to be a self starter who enjoys team work. We do require a basic level of in game skill points so you can participate in our fleets and make plenty of ISK. Besides that, a good headset to join comms is all you need.

If you're interested in finding out more about us, or need our help, please drop me a mail or convo in game any time, or join our pub channel 'D3NSE' and wave like crazy! \o/

Thanks for visiting and see you space!

ISK Lord (CEO, Negative Density) 8-)

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